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About Shrink Wrap Boats

Established in 1986, we have been shrink wrapping boats and creating custom structures over boats across the UK and overseas. We even supply shrink wrapping film, tape and heat guns to other practitioners.

Why would you shrink wrap a boat?

There are three main reasons to use our services.

  1. To protect your boat while it is laid up
  2. To protect your boat during transportation
  3. To provide a better working environment around your boat during refits

Protection Whilst Laid Up

You might be thinking “Why not use a tarpaulin?”, which is a reasonable thought. Tarpaulins flap about in the wind and the ropes chaff your boat! With shrink wrapping you get the following benefits:

  • Clean and Ready for next time you need it
  • Protects teak decks and gelcoat
  • No more seagull droppings to contend with!
  • Access for maintenance as an option (zip doors)
  • Ventillation to suppress mildew
  • Minimises Depreciation
  • Saves you time, effort and money
  • Minimises risk of opportunistic theft
A shrink wrapped boat with a zip entrance door

Protection during transportation

Whether you are transporting your asset by low-loader, trailer or as deck freight it will become exposed to the elements, environmental factors and other hazards.

Shrink wrapping will provide the following benefits:

  • Protection from pollutants e.g. oil, dust etc
  • Protection from rain and spray from wet roads
  • Added security from opportunist theft
  • Ensures it arrives in the condition it left
  • Shows your clients that you care

We advise for boats travelling long distances that cargo netting be fitted.  It is not expensive if we supply and fit it and stops the shrink wrap from “balooning” if the shrink wrap was to be torn by a tree etc en route.

The two photos below show a 42′ Fairline Targa prepared for a 4-5 week journey to the Phillipines.

To Provide a Better Working Environment

One of the services we offer is tenting and containment using Shrink Wrap!
This has benefits both ashore and afloat:

  • Work when you need to and not dictated by weather
  • Custom “tent” stretched over a framework
  • Added security from opportunist theft
  • Protects your asset from external contaminants
  • Protects nearby assets from your work, dust etc.
  • Can be ventillated for moisture control

All of the above will save you time and money! The quickest way to achieve containment is to construct a timber frame around/over your boat with an access door. Scaffolding could also be used for larger projects.

Contact Shrink Wrap Boats

You can call us on tel:07889015526

Alternatively, use the feedback form below:

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